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KYD Community Clean Up



We are teaching our youth that taking pride in oneself as well as taking pride in one’s community go hand in hand.  It is vital that our communities remain a safe environment for our youth to continue to thrive.Assisting with keeping our neighborhoods clean, our youth are actively participating in something that they can be proud of for years to come.KYD adopt neighborhoods that are in need of beautification and give the neighborhood the TLC it deserves. Volunteers will commit to the neighborhood and the youth that live there.


Certified After School Tutor


KYD values education and the safety of our youth, so we are partnering with apartment community and schools to offer an after school program. Tutors are needed to accomplish academic excellence within our program. Volunteer tutors are asked to take an assessment test to determine the perfect grade level match. Duties include homework assistance, essay editing, and ACT/SAT prep.



Concession Stand Managers


One of KYD's ongoing fundraiser is the CenterPlate Fundraiser Opportunity. We are in need of volunteers to help manage our youth that are committed to the our Geaux Ready Program. Duties include managing 8-12 youth ages 16-24 at various  entertainment events.



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