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Parents on a Mission



Knowing Your Destiny understands that children first role models are their parents and we want to ensure that parents are at their very best. At our partner community center site(s) we offer:



Workforce Development Computer Lab


The Destiny Center site is equipped with a computer lab for community

use. Technology workshops, job search help, Highschool support, résumé writing assistance, and interview prep services offered by trained

instructors, partnering organizations, and volunteering staff.


Wealth Gain Class


Banking Basics 101- How to open a bank account, Interest Rates, and basic bank terminology 

Investing- Basic Stock, IRA accounts, Share Certificate, and Real Estate 

Saving- Retirement Funds, College Funds,Emergency Funds, Storm Funds

Budgeting- Creating a realistic budget, Couponing, and How to make extra money from home 

Debt Management- Create debt repayment plan 

Insurance- Life and Renter’s 



Home Owner Workshop


Knowing Your Destiny partners with organizations to help parents understand the home buying process.



Benefit Service Assistance 


Knowing Your Destiny staff will assist residents with applying for government assistance programs.

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