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IAM ( ILLuminating Adolescents Minds)


Bullying is a widespread and serious problem that can happen anywhere. It is not a phase children have to go through, it is not "just messing around," and it is not something to grow out of. Bullying can cause serious harm and sometimes death.


In recent years, bullying has been linked to a spike in teen suicides, which has sparked a loud and clear public outcry to put a stop to bullying behavior. It has forced parents, educators and school administrators to take a step back and address the problem. 


Knowing Your Destiny has joined in the fight against bullying and suicide by implementing an evidence-based curriculum Life Skills. Youth are educated on making sound decisions concerning drugs, anti-bullying, and self acceptance in our after school program, The Village, and participating schools.


If you know anyone that is threatening to commit suicide, please call the suicide Hotline at  1800-273-8255.


Remember, there is a fine line between teasing and bullying, together we can avoid crossing it.


If your school is interested in becoming a participant school in our IAM program, please email us at 

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