Our Mission 

KYD's mission is to develop community-based programs and

resources that increase the academic achievement, career readiness, financial literacy, and social and emotional well-being of underserved youth, empowering them to fulfill their destinies.


The Heart of it all

KYD's core purpose is to empower youth to fulfill their destinies despite life's challenges.

 Our Values

Faithfulness: We remain committed to our mission + the community we serve  


Unity: We promote inclusive environments despite our differences 


Longevity: We make conscious decisions that will positively impact generations to come 


Fearlessness: We take life by the horns and keep pushing 


Integrity: We do what’s right even when we think no one watching


Leadership: We find value in following today so we are better leaders tomorrow 


Love: We believe everyone deserves to be loved, and We unapologetically give it free of charge


Excellence: We do all things to the best of our ability


Diligence: We continue to work hard because someone, somewhere,is actually depending  on us.


"Knowing Your Destiny" envisions a society of healthy youth being  positive + effective contributors of their community.